Window restoration

Window restoration

In almost all cases we can restore windows, no matter how bad they may look. We can offer removal, temporary glazing and re-installation and have your home looking truly beautiful again. 

Our service will depend on the condition of the window and the unique needs of the property we will generally follow the process below for window restoration services. 

Restoration process

The metal or Crittall Window restoration process usually involves removing the old, rusty metal windows including the glazing from either timber frames or stone surrounds. Special attention is paid to the lower part of the metal window which is where most of the damage and rust occurs. We remove the glazing to access the problem areas before the window restoration process begins.

All window furniture is removed or protected before the windows are blasted with a fine bead to remove all the old paint and rust. After that, the metal windows are repaired by repairing the damaged metal work or, in some cases, cutting out the badly damaged rusted aria and re-welding new sections in place. We always endeavour to repair missing handles and window stays that may have broken off but we can also replicate them or use off the shelf furniture that can be adapted to fit.

Windows are then painted and the most common method is powder-coating, which is what we recommend. Powder-coating involves a primer being backed on to the metal work followed by the top-coat, which can be any RAL colour you choose. This process is carried out by a trusted specialist who we have collaborated with for many years. For other finishes we can also perform wet spraying and hand painting.

Once all that is completed, the metal window will be ready to be installed back into the existing aperture with its new or restored glazing.

The Timber sub frames or timber windows that the leaded lights or steel into which the windows are installed will sometimes need replacing or repair.Craft Glass will be able to help either by recommending a local carpenter or using our own, depending on location and size of project.