About Us

Craft Glass Ltd :- We are a traditional glazing Company that have been  manufacturing new traditional leaded lights, restoring  existing leaded lights and restoring metal windows and flat iron casements for over 30 years. 

We can refurbish just about any type of window or glass panel but our particular area of expertise is leaded lights and metal, or crittall windows,  Craft glass can also restore your decorative glass panels and fix broken windows. 

Working with contractors on large projects or with private clients on residential properties we take care to preserve the windows that you care about.

Most of the window restoration projects that Craft Glass carry out involve Grade I and Grade II listed properties but plenty of projects involved working with customers who simply just love slim window sight lines or the traditional old leaded light look and want to create features of windows at their property which can’t be replicated with modern style windows. 

Old rusty metal windows / crittall windows, flat iron casements are just some of the terminology used, but all metal windows can be restored and outlast the new products available.